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Starting with the Roots of Rock, visitors will explore through the many evolutions of rock & roll through highlight sections including Cities & Sounds, Legends of Rock up to modern day artists in Right Here, Right Now.

To shoot Janis Joplin for Rolling Stone, Wolman “walked with my cameras to her nearby flat in the Haight-Ashbury where she lived with her cat and dog. I, too, lived in the Haight where I had turned two bedrooms of our three bedroom house into a photo studio: the same studio in which Janis subsequently gave an unforgettable full-out performance for me and my camera in what I have come to call the ‘concert for one.’”

Iconic: Baron Wolman
Images of an Era

Baron Wolman’s photographs of musicians in the late Sixties encapsulate an unparalleled time in American history. As the first chief photographer for Rolling Stone magazine, Wolman not only documented the era but helped to define it in images for subsequent generations of fans. Opens October 26th.
Traveling Exhibits
These traveling exhibits are featured in museums and cultural centers - each designed to engage and inspire audiences through the power of music. To book an exhibit or to learn more, please contact or call 216-515-1209.

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