Judas Priest

  • Year:
  • Inducted by:
    Alice Cooper
  • Category:
    Musical Excellence

Judas Priest took the molten steel forged by Black Sabbath and Deep Purple and used it to become metal gods, creating the mold for the future of all heavy metal. If you’ve seen Judas Priest live, you know the powerful force of their dual guitar attack, driving riffs, soaring operatic vocals – the unapologetic sound of heavy metal played at its absolute best.



Laina Dawes

Judas Priest are thriving — with nearly fifty years under their belt, fifty million albums sold, including eighteen studio albums, seven live albums, ten compilations, and several decades of international touring. The induction of the British band into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame celebrates its longevity as well as its contributions in making the complex, sometimes controversial, multidimensional, often maligned heavy-metal genre into a vibrant and innovative global phenomenon.

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