Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo

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    Sheryl Crow
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Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo are among the most formidable power couples in rock history. Together, they created a sound that deeply impacted the sonic landscape of the 1980s.



Holly Gleason

"Heartbreaker”: Three seconds of sixteenth notes on electric guitar, pummeling, pounding, punching the void; drummer and bass player locked in. At the fourth second, a swerving guitar chord lands, repeating at the seventh and tenth second. But it’s the eleventh second – when a serrated electric guitar lead corkscrews it all – that pins listeners to the wall. It’s the intersection point of punk and arena rock; a ramped-up rush of testosterone with musical acuity. And then, when the voice comes in – that pure, strong, swaggering mezzo-soprano – the seismic shift crashes hard.

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